The balanced food processing plant produces all daily meals necessary to meet the nutritional demand of the livestock. There is a rigorous control of raw material quality as well as the verification of grains and supplements entering the establishment.

The main objective is to ensure the quality and safety of raw material for a suitable food production for cattle consumption and thus achieve a better end product. PACSA has leased about 200 hectares of fields for growing different types of grains in order to improve feed quality and optimize costs.

The balanced food is delivered from the processing plant to the feedlot facilities with a dump truck. PACSA drivers are responsible for carrying daily demand of food to ensure the correct replacement of the portions.

In November 2015 PACSA performs the necessary to automate the balanced food processing plant. This improvement was a technology investment that ensures both production times and final product quality. The plant automation enables strict control of balanced food production and ensures the availability of the resource throughout the year.


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